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Low Cost Vaccinations

Unfortunately, your dog or cat is not born with inherent immunity to various diseases. For this reason, immunity has to be cultivated through vaccinations. While there are many cats and dogs unvaccinated, there are frequent outbreaks of serious diseases throughout the country. Vaccinating your pet is critical in ensuring his or her continued health and immunity to unwanted infections. By vaccinating your pet, you can help ensure their immune system can fight illness and disease. Without Southern California low cost vaccinations, there is no assurance your pet will be able to battle outbreaks of such illnesses.

Why pet vaccines?

It’s important to know that low cost pet vaccines in Los Angeles are safe and workable. While their primary purpose is the prevention of many diseases, vaccinations can also lessen the severity of other illnesses. In addition, dog & cat vaccines are not a “one-and-done” type activity. Depending on your pet, our veterinarians establish the ideal vaccination solution for your animal, allowing them to adequately fight off unwanted disease.

Maintaining our recommended vaccination schedule is critical for your pet’s ongoing health. Further, our low costs make it easy for virtually any pet owner to ensure their pet’s immunity. Despite being affordable, our skill and professionalism is unrivaled and will ensure the best possible solution for your pet.

Lifestyle Affects Vaccines

While there are a group of core vaccines that are given to any pet regardless of their lifestyle, there is a series of non-core vaccines given to pets who have unique circumstances. Such circumstances include pets who are frequently boarded or who are constantly in contact with other animals.

Vaccinations require an incubation period within the immune system, which may take several days. For this reason, it’s important to vaccinate your pet at least one week prior to boarding or exposure to other animals.

Our experienced vets will provide a custom-tailored schedule for your pet which will likely change over time, depending upon your pet’s circumstances. Additionally, should a particular epidemic arise that could affect your pet’s health, our office will notify you so you can get your pet the proper care.

Low Cost Vaccinations SoCal

How often are pet vaccinations required?

There are many Southern California pet vaccines that will provide protection for many years, while others need to be re-applied on an annual basis to ensure a healthy life for your pet. This topic has actually been debated in professional vet circles, specifically regarding whether vaccination can be done by rote schedule, or if it requires further finesse. At Affordable Animal Hospital Southern California, we take the position that only those vaccinations that are truly necessary for your pet should be administered, and on this basis we provide customized treatment.

During your dog & cat vaccination treatment, we cover the following subjects:

  • What kinds of vaccines your pet needs—including how often and for what reason
  • Verification of which illnesses need to be addressed
  • Whether there is an expectation for your pet to be exposed to a certain disease
  • Review of pet vaccine safety and effectiveness
  • Review of any reaction your pet has previously had to vaccines, provided this is not their first experience
  • For returning pets, we will perform a vaccination titer test that determines if there is sufficient immunological protection from previous vaccinations. This will ensure your pet is not over-vaccinated

Are dog & cat vaccinations safe?

While a controversial subject amongst humans, vaccinations for pets are overwhelmingly safe. This is due to continual advances in immunization technology and diligent tracking of disease strains. It’s been proven that vaccinations save the lives of millions of pets annually — the more that are vaccinated, the safer the animal world becomes. This particular science has progressed to the point where adverse animal reactions are virtually non-existent. At Affordable Animal Hospital Southern California, our experts provide among the best low cost vaccinations Los Angeles have to offer.

Kennel Cough

Kennel cough is a very common, highly contagious desease restricted to the respiratory system, and mostly contracted by dogs in highly-congregated areas, such as dog parks and daycare facilities. While your dog’s symptoms—hacking and coughing—may sound rough, kennel cough is not often a serious condition. Regardless, it’s best to come in for an evaluation from our experts, as other viruses may have also been inflicted, which in turn can make your dog susceptible to more serious illnesses.

If you adopted your dog or cat from a kennel, it may be necessary to get the kennel cough vaccine, in addition to vaccines that will fight adenovirus, parainfluenza, and bordetella.

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