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Low Cost Spay and Neuter

The decision to spay or neuter your pets is critical for their long-term health. Spaying is the removal of the uterus and ovaries of a female pet, while neutering is the removal of testicles in a male pet. Both procedures are heavily supported by the veterinarian industry and Affordable Animal Hospital, and we have established a low-cost program to help all pet owners in Southern California spay and neuter their pets.

Spay And Neuter SoCal

Benefits of Spaying & Neutering

  • Preventing unwanted pregnancies. An animals’ instincts is to breed with abandon, allowing themselves to protect their species. Many pet owners can only care for those pets they directly acquired, and thus breeding is unwanted. An unplanned pet pregnancy can create a serious imposition upon a household, resulting in animals being taken to shelters and, unfortunately, often being euthanized.
  • Health issue prevention. While humans are rather different, it’s been proven that spayed or neutered pets tend to live the longest. Due to their lifestyles, it helps prevent uterine infections and several forms of cancer.
  • Hormone-related behavior is eliminated. Female cats in heat tend to wreak havoc upon a house. They become enamored during the breeding season, going into heat 4 or 5 days every three weeks, howling and urinating throughout the process. Similarly, male dogs will try to destroy doors to get outside to find a mate. This behavior can be stunted through spaying and neutering.

When pets are absolved of their breeding tendencies, they are much more amenable to house behavior. Low cost spaying and neutering your pets not only assures their health, it also assures a much more peaceful relationship.

How does it work?

Spaying a pet consists of surgically removing the reproductive organs in a female dog or cat. By contrast, a neuter is removal of a male dog or cat’s testicles so he becomes impotent. Both surgeries produce a positive hormonal change in your pet. They no longer engage in hormone-related, blind behavior, and instead become a loving member of your family.

The process begins with general anesthesia. While male cat neutering is extremely rapid—only requiring about two minutes—all other pets require a breathing tube in their mouths to ensure their stability. A male dog neuter or female cat spay can take up to twenty minutes, while a female dog spay is often up to ninety minutes, requiring the highest level of attention.

Cat FAQs

What's the Average Recovery Time After Your Cat has been Spayed/Neutered?

Cats can feel back to normal within 10 minutes after surgery. They may feel a slight bit of discomfort and can be a little groggy for a couple days after being spayed/neutered.

What is the Best Age to Neuter/Spay a Cat?

Spaying a female cat should occur before the first heat, which can happen at four months. This can prevent tumor development in the mammary glands. Most kittens are spayed between six to eight weeks and once weighing at least two pounds.

Does Spaying/Neutering a Cat Prevent Cancer?

Spaying or neutering your cat can prevent many forms of cancer. Spaying can prevent breast cancer and eliminate the possibility of uterine and ovarian cancer from occurring. Neutering also prevents testicular tumors and decreases chances of perianal tumors in male cats.

Do Cats Live Longer if Spayed/Neutered?

Yes. A 2013 report revealed that spayed females live 39% longer and neutered males live 62% longer than those unspayed/unneutered. The reduction in roaming decreases their likelihood for accidents or contracting diseases. Spaying/neutering also prevents prostatic disease and hernias in males and uterine infections in females.

Do Cats Stop Spraying After Being Fixed?

In most cases, cats will stop spraying after being fixed, especially females. Male cats, when neutered at the correct time, typically cease to spray as they no longer feel the need to mark their territory.

Dog FAQs

How Long Do I Have to Wait After a Spay/Neuter Before I Can Bring My Pet to the Dog Park Again?

Dogs should be kept in a quiet place away from other animals after being spayed/neutered. They should be able to return to their regular activities, including visiting the dog park, after a two-week recovery period.

What is the Average Recovery Time After Your Dog Has Been Spayed/Neutered?

Dogs take about two weeks to fully recover. Dogs may seem a bit groggy and subdued for 24 hours after surgery. They should be kept from licking their wounds by an e-collar and not bathed for the entire two weeks.

What is the Best Age for a Dog to Get Spayed/Neutered?

Typically, the best age for dogs is between four to six months. Female dogs should be spayed before their first heat which can occur between five and ten months.

Does Neutering/Spaying a Dog Prevent Cancer?

Yes. Dogs who are spayed/neutered are less likely to develop certain cancers. Spaying dogs decreases the chance of breast cancer and eliminates the potential for uterine or ovarian cancers. Neutering dogs eliminates the risk of developing testicular cancer.

Do Dogs Live Longer if They Have Been Spayed/Neutered?

Yes. It is reported that spayed female dogs live 24% longer and neutered males live 18% longer than their unspayed/unneutered counterparts. Spaying and neutering decreases or eliminates the likelihood for uterine infections, prostatic disease and hernias.

Spay or Neuter Recovery

While many cats can be brought back to their normal selves within ten minutes, dogs may take a little longer. Just like human surgery, the animal will experience some post-surgical discomfort.

Young animals will heal the quickest, but all pets will feel a bit groggy for the next couple days. At Affordable Animal Hospital, we will provide medications to minimize pain throughout the recovery process.

Complications include inflammation, infection, opening of the incision, swelling, and bleeding. For each of these issues, the experts at Affordable Animal Hospital are experts are rapid treatment.

During your pet’s recovery, your role is to maintain a close eye, washing carefully for changes in behavior or signs of distress. You must note the healing process and keep an eye on swelling or infection. Your dog or cat should be kept comfortable and confined for the first week.

Contact Affordable Animal Hospital immediately for any of the following:

  • Your pet becomes very tired and does not snap back for two or more days
  • The incision becomes abnormally swollen or discolored
  • The stitches become undone for any reason
  • Bleeding
  • Difficulty urinating or defecating

Low Cost Spay & Neuter – Performed to the Highest Standards in Southern California

With years of experience, our staff and physicians understand the impact of spaying and neutering upon the cat and dog population, along with the direct risks to your individual pet. Our primary intention is improved well-being of the entire domestic pet population. We routinely reflect our care by our compassion, helping pets improve and maintain their health—and all while providing affordable care for all pet owners. Learn more about our Los Angeles spay and neuter treatment plans by contacting us today.

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